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Trade Compliance Experience

C-TPAT � (Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
    Application Assistance
    2nd/3rd Party Assessments
    Operation Manuals
    Supply Chain Security Training (Classroom and on-line)

USHTS � Research & Classification (Schedule B if requested)
The WD partners have provided product and technology classification resources for various industries � including, but not limited to: electronics, aviation, integrated circuits, lasers, explosives, chemicals and various type of operational equipment and equipment parts.

EAR � Export Administration Regulation
    License Research and Application
    Deemed Export Review, Identification, Licensing, Condition Acknowledgement & Enforcement
    ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) Duel-Use Items/Commerce Control List
    License Exception Research and Qualification
    CCAT Requests (Commodity Classification Requests - SNAP-R)
    Export Management System Development

ITAR � (International Traffic Arms Regulations)
    Licensing Application Assistance
    Agreements & Amendments
    Research and Exemption Qualification
    Commodity Jurisdiction Submission
    Registration Assistance

IACSSP/ CCSP � (Indirect Air Carriers & Certified Cargo Screening Program)
    Complete CCSP Program Development
    External Audits (quarterly/annually)
    Training Resources (covering all of the required initial training and annual review training)
    Additional or Focused Training (for augmented security training or specialized areas of operations)
    Screener Development and Implementation
    Specific Equipment Operation and Training (X-Ray & ETD)

EEI � Electronic Export Information
    Electronic submissions through AES
    Quarterly or Annual Audits of submission data
    Error Code Review and Correction
    Training (one-on-one, or classroom instruction)

Additional Areas
    7501 & ISF Broker Audits
    NAFTA � Product Qualification and Instruction & Qualification of Product for Other FTA's
    Country of Origin Research & Determination
    International Marking Requirements
    Binding Ruling Submissions
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Supply Chain Experience

Coordination of delivery schedules and associated Supply Chain Activities
    Procedures for Driver Identification at drop-off/ pick-up locations

Monitoring contract compliance of carriers and other logistic providers
    Assessment and analytics of forwarder and carrier fulfillment
    C-TPAT and physical security reviews of 3PL providers

Define, Implement and Oversee Cross Dock Operations
    Receiving Analytics
    Sorting and Routing Functions
    Merge, Palletize and Transport Processes
    Deconsolidation and On-forwarding

Vendor SOP Compliance
    Labeling and Document matching
    International Document Verification
    Managed Inventory

Cargo Security
    Air Cargo Screening (X-ray and Explosive Trace Detection)
    Ocean Container Inspection Procedures and Application
    Vanning and Seal Processes
    High Value and Defense Cargo Escort

Process Management and Improvement
    Electronic Data Interchange
    Manufacturing Flow Processes
    Physical Distribution
    Performance Measurements
    Customer Relationship Management

Additional Areas
    Document Creation and Compliance Alignment
    Supply-Chain Road-mapping
    Policy and Procedure Implementation, Reviews and Evaluation
    Continuous Improvement Programs
    Hazardous Material Handling (Hazmat)