Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) and
Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Procedures (IACSSP)

Managing the portfolio and scope of the IAC and CCSP regulatory environment is critical to maintaining operational status and minimizing risk. When regulations change, or best practices on meeting those obligations shift, it is not enough to just update policies. You must also initiate project and action plans designed to measure organizational impact.

Program Management
We are committed to helping you manage the regulatory roadway pro-actively to both clarify requirements and manage the day-to-day supervisory, training and paperwork requirements that are critical to these programs. The paperwork in these programs can be overwhelming. We want to help you find a balance. Providing a clear and concise approach and utilizing available electronic options will allow you to track, report and manage information that will have a positive effect on the entire organization and overall supply chain.
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As consultants we can get you started by:
    Making sure your regulation policy binder is managed and up-to-date
    Identify policies and controls relevant to IAC regulations and other mandates
    Map required training and retention policies and controls
    Establish a process for managing changes
    Establish a process for electronic data management
    Identify overlaps, redundancies and gaps in processes and policies
    Identify and isolate conflicts between actions and regulations
    Develop a formal process for compliance risk assessments
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Training Resources
WatsonDavis can provide you with training programs for your IAC and CCAF operations. We have developed expanded training material that covers all required topics and elements for initial, recurrent, and remedial training. We understand the demands of required regulations and realize that each facility has unique needs. It is particularly important that your options for training have flexibility yet offer a complete solution for classroom instruction, testing, follow-up and on-the-job training. Your continued operation depends on the quality and documentation of annual training requirements and testing objectives.
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Let WatsonDavis do the hard part and bring you a program that is cost effective and provides all the elements needed to ensure that your personnel involved in handling and screening cargo know the required procedures.

Annual Training can be a considerable investment in resources. We can tailor a program that will target the specific needs of your facility and ensure that your cargo operations and screeners are fully compliant with all training and testing requirements. Topics for classroom initial and annual training include:

    Aviation Security & Responsibilities of Screeners in the CCSP
    Security Search Techniques and Processes
    Identification and Recognition of Threats and Their Components
    Alarm Resolutions
    Notification Procedures
    Security Responsibility of Screeners
    Chain of Custody Methods
    Record Keeping and Log Requirements
    Self Audits

Contact us today for a quote on training for your facility. Sessions are provided on an individual and group basis and broken out depending on the complete scope of the training necessary for your facility.
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Security Assessments
The handling of cargo is a daily challenge of providing great customer service and meeting the cut-off times and acceptance requirements at the airlines. These challenges and cause vulnerabilities and create dynamic threats that require constant attention. To mitigate risks, organizations must be able to manage known vulnerabilities and identify new ones.
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Anyone involved in your organization's security knows that meeting federal, state, and industry regulations are extremely complex goals and the stakes are high � failure to comply can result in loss of accreditation, financial losses through fines, notification costs, and damaged reputations.

WD can help you be always prepared for that surprise TSA inspection. Security solutions that are practical, clearly defined and easily implemented into your current operations are the key to keeping the velocity of your freight assignments moving. A trusted and concise security assessment is the place to start.

Contact Us today to outline a review for your business.
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CCSP Development
WatsonDavis can take your company through the steps to determine the best plan for your business model by evaluating, applying for and implementing the right operation of the Certified Cargo Screening Program for you. Weather you're an IAC wanting to add screening to your existing operation, or seeking information on Independent Screening Facilities, WD can help you answer the questions. From initial application to setting up your (CCSF) and optimizing operational efficiency, we have the expertise necessary to make this a one-stop process.

We will help get you up and running as quickly as possible with a three phase approach;
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    Evaluation: Should I screen in-house or outsource?
    CCSP Benefit breakdown
    CCSP Application to TSA
    Design of Certified Cargo Screening Facility
    Screening Technology Evaluation and Selection
    Screening Process and Security Protocol Development

    CCSF Security Coordinator Training and Testing
    Employee STA applications
    Facility Security Equipment and Devices
    Driver/Cargo Data and Image Capture Systems
    Employee Training and OJT for designated Screeners

    CCSF Reporting Requirements
    Facility operations Policy & Procedures
    Chain of Custody Technology (Tamper-Evident Tape, seals and vehicle locking devices)
    On-going training, operations and compliance consulting
    Periodic Operational Audits and Screener Testing

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