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Over 15 years of knowledge in compliance & security regulations with a wide range of application experience across varying areas of the trade industry. Judy has an operational skill set that offers a "boots on the ground" ability to apply professionalism and experience to a variety of business types, specific projects or expanding areas in your organization. Her knowledge of global trade regulations and experience in dealing with governmental agencieshas developed instrumental connections along varying supply chain approaches. Judy is a talented communicator and knows how to find common ground in connecting with the people who populate all the various roles in the global supply chain.

Career Highlights ~
Judy is an accomplished professional who has built a career that spans US and global trade compliance, multi-modal transportation operations and security regulations. She has often used her aptitude for teaching to develop technical documentation and concise instructional materials.

Judy began her career working for Sea-Land Services. (Sea-Land a division of CSX Corporation is now part of Maersk). Learning about compliance requirements, transportation regulations and supply chain security at the ocean carrier operational level has given her a unique perspective of the big picture in global trade. She has since worked for multi-national companies, small organizations, and freight forwarders. As part of the WatsonDavis partnership she worked to apply the best organizational standards and individual integrity to the complicated demands of air cargo screening during the development of the Certified Cargo Screening Program initiated by TSA.

Her ultimate objective sees the future of creating a functional compliance environment that keeps the supply chain moving at the velocity needed for today's business.

Jason possesses a highly skilled aptitude for applying operational objectives. He knows how to navigate the changing interfaces of business, technology and security. He understands how workflow and automation improve both process and production in business operations. Jason utilizes his knowledge to identify and coordinate key activities and set achievable goals. He displays both competence and flexibility in implementing the necessary actions that promote compliant strategies; thus successfully striking a perfect balance between policy and operation. Jason appreciates the human connection in business and applies integrity and professionalism in providing practical day-to-day communication regarding compliance, transportation and security.

Career Highlights ~
Jason has initiated and executed a number of technology projects involving both transportation and security, and he is committed to passing on the knowledge gained from practical experience. He has an instinctive ability to evaluate risk and develop the necessary resources to mitigate and remove the threat. He has taken project plans from inception to activation to excellence, incorporating ideas and new concepts along the way.

Jason was instrumental in advancing a strategy to address mandatory air cargo screening that led to the establishment of an independent cargo screening facility that could meet the volume demands of x-ray and explosive trace detection screening at DFW International Airport. In addition, he merged the secure transport requirements of the screening program into the daily cargo movement from screening facility to air carrier dock while providing an electronic "paper trail" where clients could easily access the documentation of their shipments.

Doing the job right the first time with the highest standards is a vital part of the character traits that have propelled him forward in achieving his personal and professional goals.