Professional Experience

The WD Advantage

Experience & Knowledge
20 years of combined knowledge in compliance regulations and practical experience in supply chain logistics. An operational skill set that has years in development and the ability to apply that experience to a specific project or expanding area.

An independent, impartial and fresh point-of-view from "outside the cubicle".
The possibility of offering different methodologies and procedures free of personal interests or existing traditions or loyalties. New ideas and interesting solutions to projects or operational problems.

Focus & Productivity
Productive from the "start" and seasoned to adapt and get up to speed quickly.
Accountability and visibility gives an additional advantage of focus to the assignment and a work ethic that provides results.

Short Term Professional Staffing
Perfect short term asset.
Consultants can reduce corporate head-count while allowing hiring managers an alternative resource.� You can add support quickly when you need it; remove it when you don't. Using our staffing resources you can maximize your opportunities with knowledgeable professionals while minimizing your risks and resources.

When you choose our staffing advantage, we handle the administrative details for you.� No traditional payroll, taxes or benefits packages.