WatsonDavis is a solutions based consulting business providing trusted and reliable service. We are professionals whose combined knowledge and personal experiences span the compliance, security, transportation and cargo logistics industries.
WatsonDavis (WD) was established in 2008 as a trade consulting business. We have served complex manufacturing industries and represented small businesses. We often work with regulated entities and offer an additional layer of information and protection by bringing a variety of applicable options to compliance practices and cargo security throughout the supply chain. To understand the laws and regulations governing cargo movement and security in the world of international trade, it is important to have a firm grasp of the mechanics and the players involved. We understand the multifaceted impact of moving cargo, applying export and import regulations in the US and beyond, implementing a secure supply chain, and meeting the on-time demands of the global market place.
In mid-2009 the partners at WD spun off a cargo screening and security division to address the Transportation Security Administration's mandate for 100% air cargo screening on Passenger Aircraft. We established initial operations at DFW International Airport with an eye on expanding to the major gateway hubs. Part of our consulting operations in this area is to constantly monitor for changes in security initiatives and U.S. trade policy because these changes affect the business interests of our clients. The day to day operation of this division was sold off in 2012 as WatsonDavis took on a principal focus to support the growing complexities of expanding supply chains. Our strengths are evidenced in experience and expertise where we combine skills, commonsense and a personal approach to serve the unique needs of each individual client.
Meet The Partners
Our principal focus in consulting revolves around two separate but intersecting components:

Transportation/Supply Chain Assistance
    Quantitative logistics and supply chain assessments and service analysis
    C-TPAT: A Security Transportation Initiative � Development assessment, 3rd party audits, process & partner solutions, and implementation assistance
    Complete supply-chain management services
    Hands-on training workshops for compliance and transportation areas of business operation
    Management consulting in transportation mapping and compliance risk assessment
    IACSSP (Indirect Air Carrier Security) and CCSP (Cargo Screening Security) Program assessments, training, operation solutions, testing formats and recordkeeping.

Trade Compliance Assistance
    Complete product research for HTS classification and country of origin determinations
    BIS Export and Deemed Export reviews, ECCN research, jurisdiction determination, preparation and electronic license filing (SNAP-R)
    Regulatory certification and licensing application assistance
    Complete or divisional compliance program audits with report assessments and follow-up implementation as needed
    Written policies and procedures - complete Trade Management or Security programs; or evaluation and additions to existing documentation
    Importer Customs management; Customs clearances, Importer Security Filings (ISF), FDA reporting, FCC assessments, ATF importer licensing and clearances

Listed above are some of the specialized areas within these categories. For a more expanded view of our service offerings please navigate our site or contacts us @ info@watsondavis.com

Professional Affiliations and Activities
    International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA)
    Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)
    U.S. Commercial Services � Texas
    Airforwarders Association (AfA)
    American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI)
    Global Market Series � Export Certificate Program (Dallas, TX) sponsored by Bureau of Industry and Security

    Dallas Business Journal � November 26-December 2, 2010 Special Report � Cleared for Takeoff

    FORWARD � The official publication of the Airforwarders Association - Winter 2011 Keeping Cool as the Global Air Cargo Security Environment Heats Up

    Air Cargo World � August 2010 Texas gears up for business rebound

Technology Development
    Export & Deemed Export Classification Tools:
    Wrote and developed an on-line classification interface that allowed engineers to determine the export classification control of a given electronic product against the Commerce Control List (Chapter 3). This tool allowed industry to establish early in the design process if an export license would be required for international trade, and thereby make the necessary application prior marketing. The system was also able to capture new hires at the beginning of the process to determine exposure to controlled technology and evualate potential candidates against possible export license requirements.

    C-Trak � a shipment tracking system:
    Wrote and developed on-line screening and transportation tracking software that allowed clients to electronically access (and print as necessary) all required government documents involved with shipments.