It's a well-known fact that training increases morale and reduces overall anxiety. "I know how", is a statement that speaks volumes. Relevant, timely and effective instruction will improve your organizations total experience. Training with a practical, how-to approach, taken in-person or online can offer great preparation and added excitement to the goals you set in your organization.

Supply Chain Security
A key component to launching and maintaining a successful Supply Chain Security Program is the inclusion of a comprehensive training program. Both supplier and employee security and threat awareness training is a mandatory component of any secure supply chain program.
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WD offers a customized training program that supports goals ranging from basic understanding of the benefits and operations of a secure supply chain to helping participants recognize and foster awareness of possible threats at any point along the chain. We understand the importance of having a good foundation and a continuing course of action to your security program.

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Threat Awareness & Detection
In today's world threat awareness and prevention coupled with training is becoming ever more vital. Malicious individuals seek to inflict disarray and alarm through hazardous and deadly disruptive methods of attack. The changing and improvised nature of such attacks means it is essential for those involved in the security to keep abreast of the latest developments employed by terrorist organizations and to understand the nature of threats that can be leveled against your organization.
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A Threat Awareness Course will explain why your organization may be at risk and how you can develop security techniques to counter future threats.

Threat recognition and x-ray image analysis training can also be provided to equip your staff with an in-depth x-ray image interpretation skill and the confidence to recognize potential threats.

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Trade Compliance
In a perfect world everyone in your organization would understand the import and export regulations and the impact they have across all the business operations of your company. We can develop a customized regulatory training just for you.
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Whether you need general awareness training for all of your departmental staff or specific specialized training for your export administrators, we will work with you to create a training program to meet all your import/export requirements, whether you need 5 or 500 people trained.

With today's fast paced work environments we understand that getting your staff trained can present a challenge. We can work with you to create an online training program to fit your needs or we can schedule training at your facility, when it's convenient for you and your staff.
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Program Specific Training
Convenience � Flexibility - Relevance. That's what our customized training courses can offer you. We can customize a training program to meet your organization's unique needs and culture. Our program developers can work with the materials and information you provide to create real world training applications that speak directly to the areas you identify for instruction.

In addition, our flexible training ensures that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.