Physical security

Areas of review include:
1. Physical layout of buildings and surrounding perimeters
    Does the property have natural security deterrents?
    Does the landscaping offer hiding places?
    How many points of entry are there to the building? Are those entrances monitored?
    Do all persons entering and exiting the building go through a security check point?

2. Lighting
    Is Internal and External lighting sufficient?
    Are access points obscured by low light?

3. Alarms � including fire, intrusion, tamper, motion
    Are doors, windows, gates etc. monitored?
    Are means of access able to be audited to identify who came into an area?
    Is the facility monitored for fire or smoke?
    In the event of a forced entry who does the alarms system notify?
    Is there a third party alarm monitor?

4. Physical barriers � including fences, bollards, tire strips, gates
    Are there fences?
    Are fences tall enough to reduce unauthorized access to the property?
    Is the fence checked regularly for holes, damage or access points?
    Are bollards in place to prevent damage to buildings or access points by vehicles?
    Are parking areas, loading docks, and external entry point monitored?
    Are gates secure and operating properly?
    Is entry to the premises protected by gates?
    Is vehicle traffic allowed to move freely on and off the property?

5. Access points � doors, gates, windows, docks, elevators and stairwells
    Are doors and gates in good working order?
    Do they operate properly and close on their own?
    Are credentials required to enter premises? Certain areas within the facility?
    Are windows locked if they are able to be opened?
    Do docks and dock doors operate properly? are they locked when not in use?
    Are elevators and stairwells checked daily or hourly by security staff?

6. Guards
    Does the organization's property utilize a guard staff?
    Do guards verify persons coming on the property are allowed access? How do they verify?
    Do the guards make rounds on the property to check places of access?
    Do guards complete check sheets while on duty?
    Do guards vary their patrol patterns to reduce the chance of their routines being exploited?

    Are the perimeter of the building and the perimeter of the property adequately covered by cameras?
    Are cameras able to switch automatically from daytime to night/low light?
    Are the building entrances and exits monitored by cameras?
    Are stairwells and other access points monitored by cameras?
    Are the cameras monitored 24 hours a day or only reviewed after an incident has taken place?

8. Access methods � locks, proximity cards/swipe cards, code or cipher locks, biometrics?
    Are locks and locking equipment in good repair and operating properly?
    Do past employees still have keys/access cards to the building?
    Have past employees/ terminated employees been removed from having access to the property?
    How often are codes changed on code or cipher locks?

How are security personnel notified of breaches in security and unauthorized access? Guards, local alarms, monitored alarms, phone calls?

Does your security staff know the organization's policies for notifying management or other key personnel?

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