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Trade Compliance & Supply Chain Management is constantly evolving and often includes strategic partnership arrangements with suppliers, service providers and global compliance professionals. Global supply chain management is rooted in strong, clear relationships from the acquisition of raw materials to understanding the regulatory requirements, all the way through to the consumer and end user sales. Suppliers and logistics providers who recognize the trade compliance challenges and streamline their supply chain business processes will move their product better and faster. WatsonDavis can assist with improving current processes to get the most out of your global or local supply chain.

Proven results of a durable supply chain include:
� Manage and transport products and data more efficiently
� Physical Security
� Confidence in regulatory compliance policy and practice
� Responding faster to customer demands while anticipating their needs
� Implement new value added services effectively
� Create accurate reporting and analysis tools to identify best practices
� Optimize the distribution of work
� Oversee labor and services in real-time
� Bill accurately for services rendered

An integrated supply chain will dissolve past department silos. Compliance, warehouse operations, labor, transportation and other critical service providers depend on the ability to know what is happening at each link along the chain, and have full confidence in the overall operation.

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